Celcius Network Alternative

Celsius network was a regulated, SEC compliant, lending platform that enabled users to receive interest on deposited cryptocurrencies or take out crypto collateralized loans. At its peak, Celsius was considered to be one of the most successful and large DeFi projects. In June, 2022, Celsius Network suspended withdrawals from its platform due to “the domino effect” of LUNA’s collapse and officially declared bankruptcy shortly thereafter.
Many cryptocurrency investors are searching for an alternative to Celsius Network.
Celsius Network was a cryptocurrency platform that allowed users to earn interest on their crypto deposits and avail crypto-backed loans. The platform lends user deposits to institutional borrowers, generating weekly interest payments. It also offered a utility token, CEL, to boost interest rates and provide additional benefits within the Celsius ecosystem.
Halal.io is a shariah-compliant cryptocurrency investment platform that is designed to meet the needs of Muslims and ethical investors. The business model is based on deploying investor funds for crypto trading using an AI-powered trading bot. A share of the profits from trading activities are paid out to investors, every month. 
Estimated Earnings: Up to 18% per year

How is Halal.io the best alternative to Celsius?

Reliable passive income stream.

At Halal.io, we prioritize turning your crypto assets into a passive income stream. Our platform utilizes an automated, AI-driven BOT for active trading across various cryptocurrencies. As a member, you share in the monthly profits generated from our successful trading strategies.

Enjoy up to 18% APY + Monthly payouts in your preferred crypto

Our return rate ranks among the industry's elite, with profits available for automatic reinvestment to amplify your ROI. We support 12 leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Solana, Cardano, and more. Your earnings are calculated and disbursed in the same cryptocurrency you originally deposited. Feel free to deposit or withdraw funds anytime, with withdrawal available on the first of each month.
Note: Halal.io pays out a share of the profits, not fixed interest.

Halal. Ethical. Sustainable.

In stark contrast to Celsius's RIBA-based model, Halal.io upholds Islamic principles by avoiding crypto lending and borrowing. We secure your capital by trading in the spot market, abstaining from leveraging or high-risk strategies. With automated AI-powered bots, our sustainable trading model adapts to market volatility and instability.

Global availability in 50+ countries

No matter where you are, Halal.io is there. Sign up for an account and start your investment journey with us. Need assistance? We're here to help.


Halal.io offers a better return on investment, better coverage and arguably a better business model for cryptocurrency investors looking for passive income.
Note: There is no such thing as an Islamic fixed income product.
Fixed income means the future payouts are predetermined. Since the future performance of anything cannot be guaranteed, fixed future payouts mean the payouts are independent of the performance of the underlying asset. This would be Haram.

At Halal.io, investors do not receive interest but rather they get a share of profits generated by the assets they own. No Profits = No Returns. In practice, we work towards building up a buffer to smooth out the uneven revenues produced by the underlying asset so that investors continue to see a regular even return.