Aspiring to be wealthy is an admirable goal, but so is staying true to your values.

Investing according to Islamic principles is beneficial to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Halal investing encourages a disciplined investment process and can be considered a form of ethical or socially responsible investing.
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What exactly is Halal Investing?

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Halal investing is investing in anything that is not made haram (forbidden) by Sharia law. It is a faith-based approach to investment management that requires decisions to be made in accordance with Islamic principles.

Most conventional financial products are not halal - including bonds, gilts, derivatives, forwards/futures & forex. Many Muslims unknowingly or knowingly invest in haram products.
However there are a significant number of halal options available on the market in asset classes such as real estate, equities, gold, art, startups and cryptocurrency.

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We specialize in Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency investing.

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Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset-class that can help investors build wealth over the long-term, if they invest in the right assets. Crypto investors (or HODLers) earn a passive income when they deposit their crypto assets on our platform. We trade these crypto assets in the spot market using our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)  powered trading bot. Our conservative trading strategy is focused on protecting your principal and we stay clear of leverage, shorting, futures and other haram (and high-risk) forms of trading.

Profits from trading are shared with our investors. No RIBA is involved. Estimated earnings of up-to 18% per year.

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Our Conviction: Crypto is the key to building generational wealth.

We firmly believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change the world for the better. Cryptocurrencies could be one way to increase access to financial systems for the unbanked
Cryptocurrencies can support faster and more affordable cross-border transactions
Self custody is particularly appealing in times when banks are going bankrupt. In the near future, astute investors will allocate a part of their net worth to crypto assets. It's not a matter of if, but when.

Our Learning: Crypto market is unique!

Crypto trading has a unique attribute that makes it different from trading in stocks, commodities or other asset classes.
Most markets are open during “trading hours” and remain closed on holidays; but not the crypto market! Infact crypto exchanges are open 365 days in a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day. No holidays. No breaks.
So, the million-dollar question is: Can a professional  day trader thrive in a highly volatile, loosely regulated, 24/7 market?

We don't think so. Even the best day traders will struggle, moreso if their strategy involves manual trading.

Our Edge: Proprietary AI-powered Crypto Trading Bot.

We have built an OpenAI powered bot that is active and trades 24/7 in the spot market.

Our bot powered by OpenAI has historical data of stock & crypto markets, dollar index, etc.
It does a good job of predicting price movements and can consistently beat most professional traders.
24/7 fully automated trading: Because BOTS don't sleep! is being built by seasoned professionals, who have over 15 years experience in the software and fin-tech domains. The current status of our platform can be best described as “work in progress”. We are building our platform & team, setting up our processes, looking at compliance and optimizing our trading bot.
The tentative launch date for the platform is November, 2023.
P.S. We are looking for smart & passionate people who believe in our mission, to join our team. We have openings (100% REMOTE) for data analysts, blockchain & web developers, marketeers and more.